Ran the Big Mountain Trail Run course this weekend. Hurry and sign up! It's a breathtaking course that you won't want to miss!


Paul H.
03/05/2013 11:35am

the weather is making training on trails difficult. snow, melt, mud, snow. But the alternative is sitting on the couch. I'll deal with the mud.

04/02/2013 10:35am

Paul/Chelsea: Should I be investing in another set of shoes for trail running? If so, advice/recommendations?

04/02/2013 11:55am

Hey, Donna. Great question! So, I take it you are primarily a road runner making the switch to trails?

Many trail runners are adamant that you need a trail shoe for the trail and a road shoe for the road. However, my experience has showed me that shoe cross-over is very easy here in Colorado.

I am pretty much a trail ONLY kind of runner, and I liked the fit of a road shoe better than any other trail shoe for the past 2 years and that's what I used until recently. I went EVERYWHERE in those shoes. Even cross country (no trail) running in back country navigation competitions. I only noticed a small difference in traction when I was somewhere muddy or wet.

If you will be trail running in a soggy wet area, I'd advise to invest in trail shoes with good lugs on them....but that's just not Colorado. Trail shoes can be nice for grip but it seems to only make a fraction of a difference....sometimes overall foot comfort makes more of a difference over the course of a race. Happy Adventures, Donna!

Chelsea Luttrall
03/05/2013 11:59am

Definitely worth it, Paul! Keep it up!

Shalyn Kessler
01/06/2014 1:45pm

Will there be a Big Mtn Trail 1/2 for April 2014? I am planning my race calendar and would like to add this date.
Thank you


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